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Frequently Asked Questions

Is beeswax really better? 

Yes. Beeswax is all natural and has been used in candle making for thousands of years. The first candles were made from beeswax by the Egyptians around 3,000 BC. Beeswax naturally burns cleaner, brighter, and hotter than most other candle waxes. It gives off a warm glow that is unmatched and has a pleasant, gentle aroma perfect for any home or office.


Why choose beeswax candles over paraffin candles?

Parrafin wax is a petroleum by-product that is cleaned with solvents and other chemicals. It releases harmful fumes such as toluene and benzene when burned, and it is chemically hardened to make it suitable for candle use. Beeswax is a 100% natural, sustainable product that has no artificial additives and burns completely clean with no harmful emissions.


Why choose beeswax over other natural candles such as soy or palm wax?

Beeswax is used in candles in its natural state and it never degrades over time. Soy and Palm wax are both hydrogenated and can go rancid. There are also tremendous concerns about the environmental impact of these 'natural' waxes related to land use and processing. Beeswax is a by-product of the honey and pollination industries and is filtered naturally with no harmful impact on the environment.


Where do you get your beeswax?

We believe that the best candles come from the best wax. We source our beeswax exclusively from local beekeepers who take pride in delivering high quality product every time. We believe in helping our community and don't buy cheap offshore wax of unknown quality. By purchasing Hive Mind Candles you are helping to support local farmers and improve bee populations in Canada.


Why say 100% beeswax?

Beeswax is expensive and a lot of other companies will use filler waxes to lower the overall candle cost, but will still call it a beeswax candle. We believe it's important to let our customers know that they are getting a 100% pure beeswax candle with no fillers, additives, or artificial ingredients.


Why are beeswax candles different colours?

Beeswax can range in colour from light beige to deep caramel depending on what the bees have been foraging on, the time of season the wax is harvested, and the location. We strive to keep the colour of our candles consistent, however variations do still occur and are something to be appreciated. 


What is this white film on my candles?

All candles made from 100% beeswax will develop a white film ("Bloom") over time. This bloom is an indicator of the purity and quality of the beeswax used and it is adored by candle connoisseurs the world over. The beautiful sparkle of fully bloomed candles looks especially appealing during the Christmas season. Beeswax candles blended with other waxes will not develop this treasured look. If you prefer the clean polished look to your candle, simply buff them with a soft cloth or nylon stocking, or run a warm blow dryer over the candle.


Why do your candles cost so much?

Our prices are in-line with many other beeswax candle companies. Beeswax is an expensive natural resource when compared to other candle waxes and this leads to more-expensive candles. We source our wax exclusively from Canadian beekeepers and do not mix or blend our waxes with any other waxes to lower the cost. Further, beeswax candles cannot be mass produced the same way that some cheaper candles can; requiring much more labour to make.

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